Patient Centered Medical Home

What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?

A Patient Centered Medical Home is not a building, an office or a house. It is a program for delivering care that places the patient at the center of everything we do. The program is designed to enhance the quality of care you receive by bringing together clinical teams and patients to work as a coordinated unit focused on achieving desired health outcomes

How Does a Medical Home Work?

The medical home concept is based on teamwork - teamwork between physicians and their clinical staff, primary care physicians and specialists, and clinical teams and their patients. Together, the members of your team, using evidence­based guidelines, focus on the care and services you need and help you achieve the out­comes you want to accomplish. 

Access: Your care team is available 24/7 if you need them. We will be ready to respond when you have questions or concerns. 

Communication: You will be in close contact with the members of your care team - in person, by telephone, by email, etc. so that we may properly coordinate and monitor the care you are receiving, track your progress and make sure that everyone involved in your care is on the same page.

Patient Involvement: You are an import­ant part of your care team. We will work with you to help you understand your condition and how to take care or yourself.

Your Care Team's Role

We will take the time to get to know you, your condition, family history, risk factors and other important information that can influence your health and care.
Decision-making: Your care team will help you understand all of the options that are available to you and work with you in deciding which avenues to take for your care. The decisions that we make together will be driven by what is best for you.

Preparation: We will end every office visit making sure you have clear instructions of what is expected of you and how to achieve your treatment goals. We will also review medications and other treatments with you so that you leave the office with a clear idea of how you can care for yourself.

Follow-ups: We will be in close contact with you to ensure that appointments are set, goals are reached and care is pro­vided in a consistent, coordinated manner by every member of your care team. Our goal is to help you live the healthiest life possible.

Your Role

Whether at the doctor's office or in your daily life, you play a critical part in your care. We want you to be an active mem­ber of your care team, fully engaged in charting the course for your health and your care.

Prepare: Learn about your condition and what you can do to stay as healthy as possible. You will be asked to work closely with the other team members in developing your care plan and under­standing how certain habits and lifestyle choices may impact your health.

Participate: Once we have developed the best possible care plan for you, it will be time for you to put the plan into action, with the support of your care team. Your participation in following the plan, including taking medications, following the exercise plan, and other steps, will be a key driver in our success.

Be Open and Honest: You know your health and how you feel better than anyone. Keep your care team informed about your history and any symptoms or changes to your health. Most importantly, contact our office first with any health concerns, unless it is a true emergency. A healthy dialogue and keeping your care team informed will help ensure that your care is properly co­ordinated so that your treatment goals may be met.